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Can You Identify Plumbing Facts From Plumbing Fiction?

Many homeowners struggle to know when you call in a licensed plumber or try a DIY repair or solution. Unfortunately, the choice is often driven by a desire to save some cash. So they error on the side of what they hope is a cost-effective option. And that usually begins with a search of the Internet for tips, videos, and repair solutions for the most common household plumbing issues. But the trouble really starts when they discover all of the plumbing misinformation that is being touted as reliable and factual. Below are just a few misleading plumbing statements that could fool many DIYers.

Flushable Wipes Are No Problem For Your Home’s Plumbing

This statement is fiction. Any honest and reliable plumber will tell you that nothing but human waste and toilet paper should ever be flushed. Your home’s drain lines are not designed to handle any paper product that does not all but disintegrate at first contact with water. Think about how fast a wet piece of TP turns into nothing but mush and melts before your eyes. No moist wipes are going to break down that quickly. Instead, they tend to wad up, taking even longer for them to begin to disintegrate. And in the process, they are floating through the pipes and fittings that make up your home’s drains. In most cases, these wipes get stuck and begin to form some tough to remove clogs. If you must use moist wipes, use them sparingly. And always follow one essential rule. One wet wipe per flush, never any more.

Beware, A Hissing Water Heater Can Explode?

This is also fiction. Plumbers who make this statement hope to get you to call them for an emergency visit at a wildly inflated rate. All water heaters have a pressure relief valve that will bleed off pressure and water if the internal pressure exceeds a safe level. If you hear hissing or other odd sounds from your water heater, the problem is likely to be sediment in the holding tank burning off the heating element. But a less than reputable and honest plumber is likely to sell you a new water heater. The cost-effective solution is to drain and flush the tank to remove the sediment and the strange hissing noise.

A Dripping Faucet Is Not Worth A Call To A Plumber

This is also fiction. Some plumbers hate to see a dripping faucet because it is a fast and inexpensive repair. The issue is often a worn O-ring or seal. But in other cases, the leak is caused by a cracked pipe or fitting. And the drip you are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg. So it is worth your time and money to call in a plumber to check it out. Just understand that it will cost you the service call fee and a few bucks in parts. However, if you have one of the more serious leaks, you will be very thankful. You avoided the potential water damage and mold contamination that comes from a small drip or leak that was ignored and allowed to ruin flooring, walls, and other materials in your home. Reputable plumbers will never advise you to overlook any leak, no matter how small. They know that almost all leaks start small, but none ever stay that way for very long.

If you are not well versed in plumbing repairs, it is always best to call (937) 749-7097 when you discover a problem in your home. The pros at Buckeye Plumbing & Property Solutions are always happy to assist you in finding a cost-effective solution.