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Bad Habits That Promote Nasty Sewer Line Issues

It can be easy to get a little lazy from time to time and take a shortcut. Daily routines and chores sometimes feel like they are a never-ending cycle. But when you are tempted to wash food down the drain rather than walk to the trash can, understand that you are making a potentially costly choice. And the best way to avoid having to work to break a bad habit is never to begin taking that ill-advised shortcut. Below are a few shortcuts or bad habits that could become very costly. Never giving in to these lazy ways and teaching your children to avoid them is the best way to prevent a flood of raw sewage in your home.

Beware Of What You Flush

The sewer system is only meant to handle human waste and toilet paper. When you use your toilet like a trashcan, you are soon going to be looking for a reliable plumber. Never flush tissues, paper towels, feminine hygiene items, cotton balls, bandages, hair, or any other debris or trash. Most bathrooms are not that large. Take the few extra steps to the trashcan to save yourself a lot of frustration, mess, and money. Also, teach your children this rule. Kids often think it is nothing but fun to flush small toys, trash, and even socks to see them disappear. Explain the consequences. Paying a plumber means no extra money for new toys.

A Garbage Disposal, Not Dispose All

When you don’t have a garbage disposal, your sink drain is covered by a grate to prevent large objects from going down the drain. But with a disposal, that grate is missing. The job now falls to you to monitor the size of what you shove down the sink. A disposal is only meant to grind up small bits of food. When you stuff large items into the disposal, it partially grinds them, but larger pieces can flow down the drain. This is an instant jumpstart for a nasty drain clog. Throw trash and food waste in the trashcan and avoid the issues of a clogged drain or garbage disposal.

Dig And Plant Carefully

Your home’s sewer line is buried in your yard. And it only makes sense that you want to avoid damaging it by hitting it with a shovel or piece of equipment when planting a tree or digging for a new foundation for your shed. Determine where your sewer line is located before beginning any significant project in your yard that involves digging. Also, understand that tree roots will grow in search of water and are likely to damage or clog your sewer line. Keep trees and large shrubs away from the sewer line to avoid these potentially costly issues.

It can also be essential to explain to your children that there are crucial things buried in the yard. And that it is never a good idea to beginning digging just to see what you can find or how far you can go underground. Many children have decided to dig a tunnel or hiding spot only to discover that a pipe is in the way. A few whacks with a shovel take care of the issue until someone flushed a toilet and fills the hole with water and raw sewage.

Taking care to avoid these bad habits can save you a great deal of frustration and money. But if you do notice an issue with your drains or sewer line, call (937) 749-7097 immediately. The faster you call the pros at Buckeye Plumbing & Property Solutions, the more quickly and cost-effectively we can resolve the problem.