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Sewer Lines
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Sewer Line Repair And Replacement In Dayton

Has your water bill unexpectedly skyrocketed? Did your main water or sewer line break? To prevent thousands of dollars in damages and repairs, call All Drain Plumbing now: (937) 884-3540! Our licensed technicians are standing by to take your call, and to deliver expert Sewer Line Repair and Replacement in Dayton, OH. With over 100 years of plumbing experience, our full service team is ready for any challenge your sewer line may bring to the table. Our plumbers will always arrive on time and in uniform, ready to provide the quality service you deserve. With up front and honest prices, you will never discover hidden fees or added service costs. Let us earn your trust and business by providing you with the highest quality sewer line services!

The Critical Job Of Your Home's Sewer Line

Your home has many drain lines running from sinks, tubs, and toilets. But all of those drain lines meet at one pipe that carries all of that dirty water and waste to the city sewer system. That one pipe is your home’s sewer line. And when it becomes clogged or damaged, there is no way for the dirty water and raw sewage to be removed from your home. And the only solution in these situations is a fast call to All Drain Plumbing at (937) 884-3540.

Common Causes Of Sewer Line Problems

Physical damage to a sewer pipe is the most common reason customers call us for sewer line repair in Dayton, OH. The damage could result from a construction project, shifting soil from a fast freeze or thaw, or even an aggressive tree root. But all cause a crack or more severe damage to the pipe, resulting in a sewage leak in your yard. Once the pipe is leaking waste, there will also be loose dirt entering the line and forming a clog. Both the leak and clog are issues that need professional attention immediately.

Clogs are also a significant concern. Sewer line clogs occur most often when foreign objects are flushed. Only waste and toilet paper should ever find their way down a toilet drain. Other paper products, trash, and small objects will undoubtedly begin to form a blockage in the sewer line.

The Solutions

Any cracks or significant damage to a sewer line will need an immediate sewer line repair. In most cases, a new piece can replace the damaged section of the pipe. This repair will restore your home’s sewer line function and prevent nasty sewage backups in your home. Sewer line clogs are often eliminated with a professional sewer line cleaning. Our team uses high-pressure water to blast away clogs in the line and the sticky residue coating the inside of the sewer pipe. Removing the debris helps prevent future clogs and increases the space for waste and dirty water to pass through the sewer line.

Old Age

Nothing lasts forever, including your home’s sewer line. Over time, the pipe becomes brittle and can become ridden with leaks. When the pipe reaches the end of its life expectancy, the only cost-effective solution is sewer line replacement. A call to (937) 884-3540 for a free cost estimate for a replacement sewer line is the best way to eliminate future issues and expenses. The All Drain Plumbing team is well known for fast and affordable sewer line replacement in Dayton, OH.

Finding The Issue

When our crew arrives at your home, they will not start searching for your sewer line problem by digging up your yard. Instead, our pros deploy a tiny sewer line camera inside the sewer line to search for blockages and damage. Once the images reveal the problem, we provide you with a complete cost estimate for the necessary sewer line repair or sewer line replacement.