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3 Reasons To Invest In A Professional Plumbing Inspection

Over the last year, it has been hard to keep up with some of the routine maintenance and chores around your home. But as we return to a more normal routine, it is also time to think about scheduling a plumbing inspection with a licensed pro. Even if you have lived in your home for years and never had an issue, regular plumbing inspections can reveal some vital information. And taking a proactive approach might end up saving you a lot of money and frustration. Below are the three most common discoveries licensed plumber make when they are completing a routine inspection.

Old Age Is Having An Impact

Just like all of us, the water and drain lines in your home and all the fittings and fixtures begin to wear out over time. And when that happens, the risk of a costly leak or flows of sewage significantly increases. However, unlike some items that simply fail to work when they wear out, your home’s plumbing system holds the potential for some horrendous water damage to your home when it fails. Being attentive and monitoring the condition of your home’s plumbing components is the best way to avoid expensive issues that could have been eliminated with an affordable solution. Your licensed plumber will inspect all of the pipes, drains, fixtures, and appliances that could spring a leak and begin to empty your wallet.

Another Age Related Issue

Knowing the date that your home was built can be very helpful in determining the materials that were used and the building specifications that were followed. But as you know, technology changes rapidly, and so do the building codes related to the safety and function of your home’s systems. A plumbing inspection is the best way to learn about areas of your home’s plumbing system that no longer meet the current building code. While, in most cases, these issues are not anything that will make your home unsafe or unlivable, it is essential to know about these shortcomings if you are thinking about selling your home in the future. These issues would need to be addressed before listing the house. If left uncorrected, they could be the reason that a potential buyer backs out on an offer to purchase the property.

Some Shady DIY Work

Most homeowners are not the original owner of their houses. There could have been several previous owners. And you have no way of knowing how many repairs were made by previous homeowners. Water and drain lines are concealed in the walls and floors of the house for the most part. And without a professional plumbing inspection, you have no way of knowing that there are some substandard or less than professional plumbing repairs just waiting to explore inside your home.

Even if you had a plumbing inspection before purchasing the house, it is essential that you continue to have the plumbing system monitored by a skilled pro. A licensed plumber will be able to spot the onset of issues due to shoddy or unskilled maintenance or repairs before they turn into costly water damage and massive repair bills.

Call (937) 749-7097 to schedule an appointment with the licensed plumbers at Buckeye Plumbing & Property Solutions. Our experts will check out all of the typical and remote hiding places for issues and leaks to ensure the safety of you and your home. We can also combine services to save you even more time and money. So consider adding a professional drain cleaning and water heater flush to the list to ensure that there are no clogs or cold showers in your future.