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Some Important Reasons To Avoid Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

Many homeowners work diligently to live on a budget. And when an unexpected expense arises, they are eager to try a do-it-yourself solution before shelling out their hard-earned cash for a professional. So chemical drain cleaners have become a trendy alternative to calling your favorite plumber to resolve a drain clog issue. The claims on the bottle make these liquids out to be so fast and easy that you will never call a plumber again. But that is far from the case. In reality, that bottle of drain cleaner might be the reason you need a professional plumber to replace your drain lines.

Uncontrolled Destruction

Chemical drain cleaners use acid and other caustic chemicals to create heat to try to melt nasty drain clogs. But unfortunately, that destructive nature is not only damaging the clog but also your drain lines. Metal drain pipes will become corroded and riddled with leaks after prolonged exposure to chemical drain cleaners. And plastic drain lines are often deformed from the heat created by the chemical cocktail. In many cases, these drain cleaners have destroyed entire drain lines creating more trouble for unsuspecting homeowners than they ever imagined.

Toxic Fumes And More

If you read the fine print on these bottles of drain cleaner, they warn only to use it in a well-ventilated area, don’t get it on your skin, and contact medical professionals if it gets in your eyes or you have trouble breathing. None of these warnings sound like something you want to have in your home or around your loved ones or pets. So forego the toxic chemical fumes that will linger in your home for days and use the services of a trusted professional plumber for drain cleaning and clog removal that uses nothing but safe, pure water.

Think About The Environment

So, where do the chemicals go after they run down the drain? And how can you dispose of that nasty bottle? These are two tricky questions if you care about the health and well-being of the environment. The lingering chemicals that wash into the city sewer can also find their way to nearby waterways and green spaces if the sewer system overflows. And that splash of chemicals left in the bottle will soon be in the landfill to be absorbed into the soil and then the groundwater. Neither of these is good for the planet.

Not A Bargain Even At A Few Bucks A Bottle

Aside from all the other concerns about liquid chemical drain cleaners, the nagging issue is that they are not very effective. So even if you are only paying a few bucks for a bottle, the results are not worth the cost. You might think that you have some level of success. But in a few days or weeks, you will be facing the same clog and possibly even a more significant flood of dirty water than before.

Go With A Pro

There is only one genuine solution for effective and safe drain cleaning and clog removal—a professional drain cleaning from the team at Buckeye Plumbing & Property Solutions. Our process uses nothing but a high-pressure jet of pure water to blast away drain clogs and the sticky, stinky residue that will create future issues. Our system is entirely safe for your drain lines, the environment, and the air inside your home. And we are so sure that you will love the results that we offer a full warranty on the clog removal. So call (937) 749-7097 to schedule your professional drain cleaning and know that the results will last for an entire year. We guarantee it.