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Some Fascinating Facts About Drain Maintenance

Historians believe that indoor plumbing was invented between 4000 and 3000 BC, though proper drains probably didn’t show up until the time of the ancient Egyptians, around 2500 BC. They even had plumbing in the pyramids, since they believed the departed needed the amenities in the afterlife that they had while they were alive. Even back then, drains needed to be kept free of clogs so that waste could safely flow down them, repaired when they sprung leaks, and replaced when they could no longer be repaired. Below are some fun facts about drain maintenance that you probably never knew.

Fun Facts About Modern Drains and Maintenance

In modern times, a drain isn’t just a pipe that wastewater runs down and out of. A modern pipe is made of many components, including gaskets, rings, locknuts, slip nuts, and washers. The P-trap in your drain keeps noisome gases from flowing back up the pipe and entering the air of the room. It also holds solids for a time. The P-trap helps with drain maintenance because it comes with a clean-out plug. If there’s a serious clog, or you’ve dropped a ring or some other valuable down the drain, the clean-out plug can be opened.

Harsh Drain Cleansers Shouldn’t Be Used

Given the havoc that drain cleansers wreak on drains, it’s surprising that companies still make them. The chemicals are so harsh that they can eat away at the material of the drain, whether it’s some sort of metal or PVC. If you have a terrible clog that can’t be washed away with an application of baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water, call in a professional plumber. Sometimes, all that needs to be done is for the plumber to use a sink auger.

The Different Types of Drain Traps and Why They’re Banned

There have been many types of drain traps over the years. Many have now been banned because there was too much risk of losing the water seals that kept sewer gas from backing up into the room. Maintenance on these traps, which included the S-trap, bell trap, drum trap, and crown-vented S-trap, was tough to do, as they could have multiple tight curves. However, if you live in a very old home, you may notice one or more of these banned traps attached to your fixtures in your basement or crawl space.

Your Drains Need Regular Care

Many people don’t bother with their drains until they are so clogged that they can’t work properly. Like the rest of the plumbing system, drains need regular inspection and troubleshooting by a professional.

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Keeping your drains clean and free of clogs and leaks makes your home comfortable and supports your overall health. To learn more about drain cleaning and maintenance, don’t hesitate to call us at All Drain Plumbing of Dayton, OH.