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How Do Plumbers Safely Remove Drain Clogs?

When you have a single sink in your Dayton home that is slow to clear, you might think that it is the prime place to be thrifty and fix the issue yourself. But if you are thinking about using a jug of liquid drain cleaner, you could be about to make a very costly mistake. These liquids are typically a mixture of caustic chemicals that create heat to dissolve the clog. But that heat can also damage or destroy the drain line. So if this is your only resource for clog removal, you are better off investing in a professional plumber’s visit to remove the clog and provide a few tips for future DIY clog removal. Your plumber uses several completely drain line safe cleaning and clog removal processes that you might also be able to try on minor clogs.

Meet The P-Trap

If there is a clog in your sink, but no other drains in the house appear to be suffering, the P-trap is likely where your plumber will begin. The P-trap is the U-shaped pipe that is under every drain. It creates a trap or low area that holds a bit of water to stop the sewer and drain line gases and foul odors from coming back up the drain and into your home. This trap is attached to the drain lines with threaded fittings and is designed to be removed for drain cleaning. It is also where some clogs begin. If the clog is deeper in the drain line, a plumbing snake can be inserted into the pipe to break up the obstruction.

After you have watched a licensed plumber remove and clean the P-trap, you might be confident enough to take on this project the next time your drain is slow to clear. It is also important to know that if an item like a ring or earring is accidentally washed down the drain, it is typically caught in the P-trap and relatively easy to retrieve.

A Massive Clog

If you have a more severe clog, one that is causing many drains to back up, your plumber is going to need a more high-tech solution. In these cases, a water jet is used to wash away any clogs and the sticky residue inside the drain lines that could cause future clogs. Again, it is essential to understand that no chemicals or cleaning products are used for this professional drain cleaning, only water at pressures as high as 4,000 psi.

Even if you closely watch the process of cleaning away clogs and debris with a water jet, this is not a process that you can take on as a DIY project. The equipment is very expensive and is only safe for your drains when a highly trained professional plumber uses it.

When you have a tough drain clog and need professional help without the risk and fumes of chemical cleaners, call (937) 749-7097. The licensed plumbers at Buckeye Plumbing & Property Solutions will safely clear any clogs and clean all your Dayton home’s drain lines quickly and cost-effectively.