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Having Trouble With Hot Water? Common Problems With Water Heaters

Water heaters are built to last, but they can experience problems on occasion. Fortunately, most issues related to water heaters can be remedied in a straightforward manner. Keep reading to find out more about common problems associated with hot water heaters.

No Source of Heat

Without power, an electric water heater won’t be able to work. This situation can be caused by things like a tripped or malfunctioning breaker or a loose electric connection. Alternatively, the heating element could have deteriorated so much that it just can’t function anymore. These issues can be fixed by having your breaker reset, your connections tightened, or your heating element replaced.

A gas water heater, in comparison, requires a pilot light or another type of ignition system to operate. The remedy could be as simple as lighting the pilot light, but it could also involve swapping out old parts for new ones. A trained plumber can assess the situation thoroughly for you.


Leaking water heaters can create major headaches for homeowners. Leaks can result from various scenarios, including valve failure, loose connections, and sediment buildup.

If you experience valve failure, you’ll need to have your valve replaced. If an inlet or outlet connection has been compromised, it should be tightened to prevent water from leaking out of it. Finally, if you have too much sediment in your tank, which could lead to cracks in your tank, you may need to invest in a new tank. Keep in mind that having your tank regularly flushed can prevent this from happening in the future.

Hot Water Has an Odor

Sometimes, hot water can be the right temperature, but it might have an unpleasant smell that’s similar to rotten eggs. This is typically a sign that it’s been sitting too long in your water heater. This situation allows bacteria to build up in the water heater tank, and that bacteria can cause an odor. This can be remedied by disinfecting the tank and flushing the hot water. A plumber can take care of this so that you don’t have to worry about anything. In the future, try not to let your hot water sit for several weeks in your water heater.

Ready to Help

If you have a problem with your hot water, whether it has do with water temperature, leaks, or bad odors, there is a simple way to find a solution. Call us at All Drain Plumbing for assistance with your water heater repair at your home in Dayton, OH.