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Common Well Line Issues and Repairs

We don’t usually think about our wells and the accompanying well lines unless there is a problem. When that problem arises, it can be very inconvenient to deal with. The good news is that you don’t have to deal with this situation alone. The team at Buckeye Plumbing is here to come to your rescue.

Low Water Pressure

When you turn on your faucet and notice low water pressure, there could be a variety of situations at play. There could be something wrong with your pump, check valve, or pressure tank. There could also be a problem with your well line. It could have a leak or could be clogged by minerals or debris. A professional team like ours can go in and check out what’s going on. We can run some diagnostic tests, inspect various components, and address the underlying cause of the lack of water pressure.

High Electricity Bill

In Dayton, we all have to deal with relatively high utility costs. They’re a major part of the cost of living. If you notice a huge jump in your electricity bill and haven’t been doing anything differently over the last month or so, however, there could be a problem with your well line. A leak somewhere down the line could cause your well to work overtime. Another potential cause would be a faulty check valve. The check valve prevents water from falling back into the well; if it’s not working correctly, the pump will keep running.

Air in Water Lines

When you’re getting ready to wash your hands or take a shower, you expect water to come out and not air. Hearing air sputter out can be a little alarming. There could be a few causes of this problem. If there is a leak in any of your connections or fittings, air can be pulled into your well lines. If the check valve is loose or otherwise not able to do its job properly, air can also be pulled into the system. Another cause could be low underground water levels. In Dayton, we can sometimes experience drought conditions, so this could be an unfortunate consequence of that.

Pump Cycles Frequently

If there’s a leak in the water line somewhere, the pump may cycle frequently. It may turn on and off for a few minutes, continuously throughout the day. This is problematic both for your utility bill and your system, since it puts it through a lot of use.

With any of these problems, our team at Buckeye Plumbing is ready to jump into action. We can repair or replace valves, we can identify leaks in well lines, and we can remove or address the problematic areas. If there is any other sort of issue with your well lines or pump, we’ll take care of that, too. Contact us for assistance.