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The Go-To Plumbing Service in Kettering, Oh

Has your water bill spiked in the last few months? Have you discovered mold or water damage near your plumbing pipes? Or has your main water line burst? Pick up the phone now and call (937) 884-3540 to speak with All Drain Plumbing. We have years of working experience that allows us to provide you with the most exceptional plumbing services. All of our licensed and certified technicians are standing by to help you discover the solution to your problem, and provide a clear upfront and honest estimate of the job. As a full service company there is no job too big or too small for us to handle. Don’t delay, call your trusted Plumber in Kettering, OH today to schedule your service: (937) 884-3540!

Water Heater Installation And Repair

At the first sign of any trouble from your water heater, you need to call (937) 884-3540 for help from the premier plumbing company in Kettering, OH. At All Drain Plumbing, our licensed plumbers are very skilled in repairing water heaters and saving our valued customers a substantial amount of money. But if the only option is a replacement or a better financial investment, our pros will provide you with a price quote for a new unit. Our priority is to always offer as many cost-effective solutions as possible when you have a water heater problem.

Drain Cleaning in Kettering, OH

When you need emergency plumbing service in Kettering, OH to eliminate a drain clog, the team at All Drain Plumbing is here to serve you. We are available 24/7 to provide professional drain cleaning service to remove tough clogs and all the nasty residue in your home’s drain lines. Our process uses only high-pressure clear water, so there are no concerns with damage to your home’s drain pipes or toxic chemical fumes in your home.

Sewer Line Repair

Even a small issue with your home’s sewer line can turn into a costly repair very quickly. Raw sewage flooding into your home creates water damage and contamination that are very expensive to remedy. However, when you call (937) 884-3540 at the first sign of trouble, our pros will quickly find the problem and provide you with cost-effective repair options. Using a tiny camera deployed inside the sewer line, our experts can see any blockage or pipe damage without digging up the line. This tool saves you time and money. And we are here seven days a week, 365 days a year, for sewer line repair in Kettering, OH.

Leak Detection

If you have just gotten a massive water bill, it is time for fast action to reduce water damage and mold growth in your home. The leak detection specialists at All Drain Plumbing will find any hidden leak causing damage inside or under your home. Using sound amplification technology, moisture sensors, and thermal imaging, our team locates these hazardous leaks non-invasively. Then we will provide you with all of your options to repair or replace the leaking water line.

Emergency Plumbing Service Kettering, OH

As a full-service plumbing company, our licensed plumbers are prepared to handle any emergency that you might encounter in your home. From a leaking water or gas line to clogged drains, or a broken water heater, we are ready to fix the problem and eliminate your stress. Just call (937) 884-3540 and know that an All Drain Plumbing expert will be at your home shortly. And once the problem is located, you will receive a cost estimate explaining your options to repair the problem. Our primary concerns are always the safety and satisfaction of our customers.