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Experienced and Trusted Plumbing Service in Eaton, OH

When you need plumbing service in Eaton, OH, it is vital to know who has the best reputation in the community for reliability and affordable pricing. All Drain Plumbing is known as the premier plumbing company in Eaton, OH for many reasons, including great pricing, exceptional customer service, and a wide range of plumbing solutions such as:

Nothing is worse than having issues with your water heater. Fortunately, the factory-trained pros at All Drain Plumbing have years of experience repairing all makes and water heater models.

Very often, our licensed plumber quickly discovers that only a small component of the unit has failed. And with a cost-effective repair, you can enjoy many years of service from your current water heater. However, in the case of rust damage compromising the tank, or a very outdated unit, we will provide you with a very reasonable price quote to install a new water heater. Call us at (937) 884-3540 when you have an issue with your water heater and know we will provide an honest evaluation and fair repair price quote.

Even the thought of a drain back up in your home is upsetting. But when you ignore the signs of a clog forming, that is precisely what will happen. And it often occurs at the most inopportune time. Rather than risking the safety of your home’s drain lines and toxic chemical fumes in your home, make a call to (937) 884-3540 for a professional drain cleaning.

Our experts arrive ready to blast away any clog forming in your home’s drain lines and sewer line. Our high-pressure cleaning process removes all the sticky residue lining your drain lines, just waiting to create a new clog. The method uses nothing but clean water to scrub the interior of all drain lines, so there is no risk of damage from caustic chemicals. There is also no threat to the environment or your local wetlands because we use only pure water for the cleaning process.

At All Drain Plumbing, we deploy a tiny camera inside your sewer line to locate any blockage or damage to the pipe. This step eliminates hours of costly digging and destruction on your property. Once we know what is creating the issue, we provide you with a complete cost estimate for the replacement needed to eliminate the problem and your concerns about contamination from sewage backups in your home. Our experienced plumbers will then replace the old section of pipe with a new, durable pipe and restore the flow of your sewage system. All Drain Plumbing guarantees you’ll have your sewer line replacement done right the first time and will put your sewer line worries to rest.

Emergency Plumbing Service

At the first sign of any plumbing emergency in your home, call (937) 884-3540 and know that a licensed plumber is on the way to assist you. Our pros are ready to handle everything from a hidden water leak or gas line leak to a damaged water heater or clogged drain. Call us 24/7, and know that the plumbers you can trust will provide you with the solutions you need.