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The Go-To for Drain Cleaning in Dayton

Most homeowners are happy to ignore all of the debris flowing down their home’s drains. But unfortunately, that attitude also means that the drains do not get the regular drain cleanings that they need to keep functioning flawlessly. And soon, those slow clearing drains turn into the threat of a nasty backup of dirty water and sewage in your home. And when that happens, it is essential to know who is the most trustworthy and reliable plumbing company in the Dayton, OH area. For years, the All Drain Plumbing team has provided warrantied drain clearing service throughout the community. Just call (937) 884-3540 24/7 and know that your clogged drain will soon be corrected.

Common causes of clogged drains

Drain Cleaning in Dayton, OH is not uncommon. The clogs in most household drains are due to a combination of greasy waste and debris. The grease from washing pots and pans and disposing of oil down the sink is the beginning of most kitchen sink clogs. Once the grease coats the inside of the drainpipe, bits of food waste become stuck to the residue, and water flow is quickly reduced.

In bathroom sinks, tubs, and showers, the sticky residue forms from all the moisturizers added to soaps and bath products. Shampoos and hair conditioners also contribute to the sticky mess. Then the tiny dirty particles and loose hairs flow down your home’s drains and become lodged in the tacky residue. Soon you will find that water is pooling in the bottom of your shower, and your bathroom sink is becoming slow to clear.

Toilet clogs are a whole different issue. These drain lines also become coated in an even worse residue of waste. And when someone flushes a considerable wad of toilet paper, it can easily become stuck in the toilet drain. Also, flushing debris like used dental floss, tissues, cotton balls, and other items that do not disintegrate in water significantly increase the possibility of a clogged toilet drain.

Finding The Problem

When it comes to Drain Cleaning in Dayton, OH, if the clog is located deep in your home’s drain lines, the best way for our team to find the issue and remove it is with the assistance of a tiny camera. A camera inspection will transmit images of any clogs or damage inside your drain lines. It offers an added benefit when you believe that you might have a leak in a drain line somewhere in your home. After professionally cleaning your home’s drains, we can deploy the camera to verify that all clogs have been removed and your drains will function correctly.

What Is A Professional Drain Cleaning?

At All Drain Plumbing, we use a specialized piece of equipment that creates a high-pressure water jet. The jet of pure water blasts away any clogs in your home’s drains. It also removes all the sticky residue. We use no caustic chemicals, so there is never a concern about melting the pipes or harsh chemical fumes in your home. At the first sign of a clog, call (937) 884-3540 to schedule a professional drain cleaning in Dayton, OH. We guarantee the elimination of your drain clog issues.

Cabling And Its Uses In Drain Cleaning

Cabling is typically used when a blockage is too far down the drain line for a mechanical auger to reach, or when the blockage is too strong and dense to break up with a mechanical auger. Cabling is the process of spinning a steel cable through the drain line in order to break up or pull out the blockage, helping to clear out your clogged drain.

Cabling is an effective method for clearing drain clogs because it employs a flexible rod with a corkscrew-like end to physically force the blockage out of the pipe. It is a less expensive option than more costly plumbing repairs, such as replacing the entire pipe system, and it is less disruptive than cutting into walls or flooring to access the blocked pipe. Contact All Drain Plumbing to learn more about how we can use our cabling service to benefit you!