Letter from Buckeye



Buckeye Plumbing Has Merged With All Drain Plumbing To Expand Services

To the customers who made us Buckeye Plumbing & Property Solutions:

As I sit down to write this letter, it brings me great pride to have been able to serve you over the last few years. When we started Buckeye in June 2019, growing a service-first company was my vision and I believe we were able to accomplish that by always goin the extra mile with our wonderful customers. In order to keep that dream and vision alive, in January of 2023 we merged with All Drain Plumbing to join forces and continue to grow a service-first company to provide value to our local community. When making the decision of who to merge with it was always about the people that I would entrust my employees and customers to and I couldn’t have found a better company for that. All Drain Plumbing lives by a “We. Actually. Care.” mentality, from their ownership to the customer. They always do the right thing by their people and by their customer. In that motto, they want their customers to feel that they are being treated with dignity and respect, by doing the right thing, always.

In this tradition, I am also joining All Drain Plumbing as is most of our Buckeye Plumbing team. We will continue to serve our community just as we have but with a bigger and better team. We are excited for our future here and hope you will continue to trust us with your plumbing and drain needs in the future.

As a part of this move, I made certain that any warranty we have given or work we have done will be honored by All Drain Plumbing and they were insistent on honoring them as well.

Moving forward the best ways to get ahold of us are here at All Drain: 937-236-2845 or office@alldraindayton.com but our old Buckeye numbers and emails will stay active during the transition period to ensure continuity and speed or service for all our customers.

Thank you and God Bless,

Will Lynch