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Will Rock Salt Remove Tree Roots From A Sewer Line?

Most homeowners are thrilled to have large beautiful trees to increase their property value and even provide some much-appreciated shade in the summer months. But what they are not fond of are the constant battles with invasive roots that are infiltrating their sewer line and creating clogs. Once the tiny roots make it inside the sewer line, they gorge on the water and natural fertilizer in human waste to grow exceptionally quickly and damage or completely block the flow of waste to the city sewer system. And when that occurs, there will be an unpleasant surprise of a sewage backup in your home.

The tree roots can also grow around the outside of the sewer line to add to the issue. As the roots increase in size and exert more pressure on the pipe, it eventually cracks, and sewage begins to leak into your yard. So it is understandable that many homeowners are constantly on the lookout for effective ways to keep tree roots away from their home’s sewer line.

Is Rock Salt The Answer?

If you remember much from high school science class, you know that rock salt will kill tree roots. But in this application, pouring rock salt into your sewer line will create more problems than it can solve. And if you decide to dissolve the rock salt in water, remember that it will flow right past the tree roots. And your time and salt will have been wasted. So, in short, rock salt is not going to be a fast nor effective solution to your tree root issues inside your sewer line.

Another Alternative

There are foaming tree root-killing products on the market that will poison the tree roots and eventually promote their deterioration. However, they are not fast-acting and cannot be counted on to clear the pipe fast enough to prevent a nasty flood of raw sewage into your home. There is no reliable and timely DIY method to rid your sewer line of unwanted tree roots. Time is essential when trying to avoid a flood of sewage, so it is best to call in a professional to get the job done quickly and thoroughly.

A Professional Sewer Line Cleaning And Root Removal

The professional method used to remove tree roots and clean sewer lines is a hydro jet cleaning. This machine generates a very high-pressure water jet that destroys any tree roots in the sewer line and washes them away. It also washes away any other clogs and scrubs off the nasty sticky residue lining the pipe. Using nothing but pure water is the safest cleaning process for any drain or sewer line. And it never leaves any foul odor or caustic fumes in your home.

Repairing The Damage To The Sewer Line

In addition to removing the tree roots, you will need to repair the damage to the sewer line to prevent future leaks or tree root issues. Trenchless sewer line repair is a process that allows our team of experts to install an epoxy coated liner inside your damaged sewer line to act as a new pipe. The process requires far less destruction of your property and can be completed in just a day or two. Once the epoxy is cured and secures the new liner in place, your sewer line will function flawlessly. And the repair will cost less than excavating the old pipe to make a repair.

Call (937) 749-7097 when you have tree roots invading your sewer line. Our licensed experts will provide you with cost-effective options to restore the full function of your home’s sewer line.