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Smiling technician repairing an hot-water heater

Why You Should Never Neglect Water Heater Maintenance

It can get pretty chilly in Dayton, OH. As a result, hot water is essential to the smooth running of your home. You rely on it to take showers, wash dishes, and do your laundry. That means your water heater runs regularly. But how often do you check whether your water heater is functioning properly? While it may not be something that crosses your mind often, it’s important to check on your water heater from time to time. Here are some reasons why you should never neglect water heater maintenance in your Dayton home.

Increased Heating Costs

Water heating accounts for roughly 20% of the energy used in most American households. However, if calcium and other minerals build up in your water heater, you’ll use more energy to achieve your goal, resulting in higher utility bills. If your heating costs are considerably higher than the national average, flushing your unit can help to lower them. Schedule regular water heater maintenance to have a plumber flush your tank to eliminate minerals and lower your expenses.

Safety Risks

Water heaters come equipped with a temperature-pressure relief valve. The temperature-pressure relief valve is designed to release water and lower the pressure inside the tank if the temperature or pressure inside it gets too high. Unfortunately, if the valve stops working, the pressure buildup can cause the tank to explode. A tank explosion can wreak havoc on your home and endanger lives.

Besides faulty valves, gas water heaters can also pose a safety hazard in other ways. If they aren’t well maintained, they may release carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide fumes can endanger lives if they aren’t detected. Scheduling regular water heater maintenance can prevent these safety risks, protect lives, and safeguard your property.

Reduced Water Heater Lifespan

Water heaters can last for up to approximately 12 years. However, if you fall behind on water heater maintenance, you may have to replace your water heater sooner rather than later. Scheduling regular water heater maintenance can extend the lifespan of your water heater and save you money on replacement costs.

Signs You Should Call in a Professional

Your water heater is out of sight, so it’s probably out of mind most of the time, too. If you’ve neglected your water heater and you’re worried about its condition, here are some signs that you should call in a plumber.

Discolored water may indicate that your water heater is corroding on the inside, which could lead to a leak or contaminated water. If the water from your appliance looks rusty, reach out to a professional.

Be alert to strange noises coming from your water heater. Sounds from the device shouldn’t be noticeable. If you hear knocking or booming sounds coming from your water heater, it may indicate mineral buildup.

If water has pooled around your tank, you probably have a leak. Even if the leak looks minor, call a plumber to address it immediately to prevent it from getting worse.

Schedule Water Heater Maintenance

A properly functioning water heater is crucial to the smooth functioning of your home. Contact Buckeye Plumbing & Property Solutions today to make an appointment for water heater maintenance, repair, or replacement. We’ll help you keep your system running efficiently.