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Pumping air from compressor into from new constructed water bore or well as process of cleaning and filtrating water.

Why Well Maintenance Should Be a Spring Cleaning Priority

Though Dayton, Ohio is a large metro area with more than 100,000 people, not all homes rely on city water. When you live in one of the suburbs or townships, you may have a well. That well provides you with clean drinking water and also gives you water for cooking and bathing. With spring right around the corner, there’s no time like the present to see the maintenance tips that are worth adding to your spring cleaning priority list.

Contaminant Testing

Whether you have an old well or a modern one, you should check it at least once a year for signs of contaminants. Contaminants can include radon or arsenic and other chemicals that reach the water through the ground, along with bacteria that make your family sick. Many chemicals will change the color of the water from clear to gray or brown. You may also detect a strange odor. In many cases though, you won’t know that the water has any contaminants until someone becomes ill.

Inspect the Well Cover

No matter where you live around Dayton, OH, local code requires that you have a cover on your well. This can range from a professional-grade cover with a lock on the top to a simple piece of plywood. Beneath the surface of the ground is a second cover that forms a tight seal to keep the water inside the well safe. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to make sure the well cover is still sealed and fits properly.

Check for Possible Issues

You don’t need to spend a lot of time taking care of your well when you take some preventative steps this spring. When the weather is nice, spend some time looking for outbuildings that are close to the well. Make sure that any sheds or garages you have are a safe distance from the well to ensure that fertilizers and other contaminants cannot reach the water.

Look for Leaks and Clogs

Most well line repairs in Dayton, OH are due to clogs and leaks. A clog in your well line will keep the pump from forcing water through the pipes and into your fixtures. Clogs often occur due to heavy amounts of lime and calcium, which create hard water. Leaks are common in the Buckeye State because of the steep temperature changes in winter. The pipes leading from your well expand and contract and can burst or leave behind pinhole leaks. Professional inspections make it easy for you to find and take care of both clogs and leaks.

Take Care of Your Well This Spring

The more you take care of your well and perform the maintenance you need, the less money you will spend on high repair bills to fix problems in the future. Inspecting the well cover and testing for contaminants are two standard parts of your spring cleaning priority list. Call Buckeye Plumbing in Dayton, OH if you need help cleaning your well or you need any repairs.