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Why Updated Pipes Cost Less on Your Utilities

Believe it or not, you may be overpaying on your utilities if you’ve got old pipes. While plumbing is designed to last a long time, the metals and plastics that comprise your system can fail over time, causing a series of issues. Here is a look at some of the problems that you might have with older pipes.

Cracking and Corrosion

Joints and pipes can corrode over time, causing pinhole leaks that expand the longer they exist. This creates expanding issues with your pipes, and when left unaddressed, can cause additional problems to your home like water damage. Slow, undetected leaks can lead to structural damage, and larger leaks can lead to burst pipes and flooding.

Internal Corrosion

While pipes corrode as they age, they can also build up deposits inside. This creates several issues in your plumbing. It can build pressure as fluids must push through smaller spaces. It can also create an increased risk of interior clogs. Both of these complications can heighten the risk of backups and cracked pipes.

High-Flow Fixtures From a Previous Owner

In older homes, there are usually high-flow spouts built into the sinks. These don’t limit the amount of water sent through them whenever you’re using the sink, at all. As a result, a large amount of water shoots down the drain, putting pressure on the sink trap.

By replacing them with low-flow units, you’ll reduce pressure on the sink traps in your Dayton, OH, home. It’s an easy way to prevent older plumbing from creating a leak. Although it’s not 100% effective, it may prolong your pipe’s lifespan a bit.

Installing low-flow faucets can also lower your water usage, leading to savings. You can get a low-flow toilet to save even more, too.

Modern Pipes Have Tight-Fitting Ends

Whether it’s the waste arm or the trap, nearly every part of an old sink fits loosely. Over time, even their inlets and couplers may begin to loosen up a bit. Loose pipes are way more likely to spring a leak, for any reason. The older the pipes, the more often they’re loose.

Fitting a new coupler on the sink would be a good start. These apply pressure to the joints between the inlet and trap. If you replace them, they’ll maintain a tighter junction and keep the pipes from leaking. They’re one of the more affordable parts if you’d like to stay budget-conscious, too.

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