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Warning Signs Of A Sewer Line Problem

First, it is vital for homeowners to know that their home has a sewer line. But unlike the drains and water supply lines meandering throughout their homes, your home has only one sewer line. This single pipe is responsible for transporting all of the dirty water and waste from your home’s sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets to the city sewer system. And if your home’s sewer line is clogged or damaged, that mess is not going to have a way to get out of your home. So taking good care of this pipe is essential. And knowing the signs of sewer line trouble is equally as valuable.

Ugh, What Is That Smell?

The odor associated with sewer gas or raw sewage is unmistakable. There is a pretty good chance that you will recognize it even if you have never before had the pleasure of wafting it. The aroma could be found inside your home if there is a leak or blockage forcing gas or sewage back inside your house. Or you might smell the stench in your yard if there is a sewer line leak outdoors that is dumping sewage into your yard.

Constant Backups

A single toilet backup could be due to a large wad of toilet paper, a toilet tank that was not full before the flush, or several reasonable scenarios. If you are regularly running to fetch the plunger or now keep it next to the toilet, there is a problem. Damage to the sewer line outside your home could have resulted in a tree root invasion or clog that creating issues for every flush of every toilet in your home. The issue needs to be resolved before you discover that your toilets no longer flush at all.

Unexplained Mold Issues

Mold requires a high level of humidity to flourish. If you have never had mold issues in your home, but suddenly it is growing rampantly, you could have a sewer line leak. This pipe carries a significant amount of water. And all that water creates a damp, humid environment. If your sewer line is damaged, that humidity could be released into your home, fostering an invasion of mold. This can be a very serious issue as mold spores consume wood and other building materials, causing severe damage to the structure of your home. In addition, there are significant health issues that can be traced back to mold contamination.

A Lush, Gorgeous Lawn… In One Spot

Your lawn is pretty predictable. If it gets water and fertilizer regularly, it rewards you with a lush green appearance. But when that thick green carpet is only in a small area, something is not right. Unless you have recently fertilized and spilled in the vicinity of the overly green, tall grass, the next best guess is a sewer line leak. In addition to delivering extra water to your lawn at the site of the leak, there is an added boost of natural fertilizer from the human waste in the sewer line. The result is grass that grows exponentially faster than the rest of your lawn. Upon further inspection, you might discover that the area is overly moist, smells funky, and is infested with bugs. Bugs are opportunists looking for free water and food too.

In the past, sewer line issues were very costly to repair. Fortunately, new technology and processes have reduced the labor and cost of many repairs. To learn more about trenchless sewer line repair, call (937) 749-7097. These experts at Buckeye Plumbing & Property Solutions will determine if you have a sewer line issue and how best to repair it.