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close-up of ruptured sewer rusty pipeline which cause sewage leakage stream and pollution. old infrastructure issues in the city construction site

Situations Homeowners Face That Call for Sewer Line Repair

Sewer line problems present a frustrating and potentially hazardous situation for Dayton, OH homeowners. In addition to the unpleasant smell and the inevitable mess it leaves, sewer problems are especially frustrating to homeowners since it can be hard to accurately identify the cause of the problem.

Sewer line problems can arise for many reasons. Whether due to a tree root, pipe corrosion, or clogging, Buckeye Plumbing can provide you with excellent service and solve all of your sewer problems. Homeowners need to identify the signs of sewer line damage as early as possible to prevent further problems in the home. If you see any of these signs in your home, let our team of professionally trained plumbers solve your sewer line problems.

Water Damage

One of the most obvious signs of a sewer line issue is water damage. Hardwood floors and linoleum can warp due to prolonged exposure to water. Water damage can appear anywhere in the home and potentially lead to further problems and pose a safety hazard to your family and pets. That is why it’s important to contact our team of professionals as soon as you see signs of water damage.

Standing Water

Standing water can appear in the form of a sink that won’t drain properly or an overflowing toilet that won’t flush. You may also see puddles of water in the backyard or notice that your lawn appears more lush than usual. While Dayton gets more than the national average annual rainfall, puddles and a lush green lawn that appear for no reason are likely caused by a sewer line leak. Standing water outside can also attract insects, adding to your headache.

Pungent Sewer Odor

Another sign that your sewer line is in disrepair is the distinct odor of leaked sewage permeating throughout the home. These odors can be disturbing to you, your family, and your friends and make your home potentially unlivable. Don’t let these odors persist and ruin the sanctity of your home. Repair your sewer line today to return your home to the safe, clean-smelling haven you want it to be.

Visible Cracks in The Sewer Line

If you’re a curious homeowner and possess enough skill to inspect the situation yourself, then you’ve likely had firsthand experience seeing the cracks in your sewer line. If left alone, it can lead to greater problems, such as total sewer line failure, which could lead to more expenses and more headaches for you.

Get Help Today

A leaky sewer line can have implications that can affect the entire home and not just your sewer system, so it’s vital to address the problem as early as possible and call in the professionals. Let our fine team of trained, professional plumbers at Buckeye Plumbing, save you the headache of sewer line repairs and give you the peace of mind you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about our services!