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Let’s Review the Pros and Cons of Submersible Sump Pumps

A sump pump can come in handy if you find yourself in an unfortunate situation. You have the option of getting a submersible sump pump, which sits below the ground. Would this be the right choice? Continue reading to find out some of the advantages and disadvantages of this type of unit.

Advantage #1: Quiet

These systems don’t make that much noise, and the ground surrounding them works to muffle any noises they make. Their sound is further muffled because they’re actually submerged. If you often have to run a sump pump, you may appreciate this quiet operation, which hopefully won’t interfere too much with your daily activities.

Advantage #2: Unobtrusive

Submersible sump pumps take up very little space. In fact, you might not even notice yours, since it will be nestled under the ground. In contrast, an above-ground sump pump, which is known as a pedestal sump pump, may get in the way and act as a tripping hazard.

Advantage #3: Powerful

Submersible sump pumps can act quickly when necessary, and they’re typically more powerful than pedestal sump pumps. If you’re dealing with a major flooding problem, you’ll want something that can take care of the issue in an efficient manner.

Disadvantage #1: Hard to Spot Issues

Given their location under the ground, they don’t often receive a lot of attention. If something goes wrong with your submersible sump pump, it might take some time for you to realize it. You might be used to it doing its job without being seen or heard. To make sure you’re on top of any problems, check your sump pump frequently when it’s in operation.

Disadvantage #2: More Difficult to Maintain

Submersible sump pumps may be harder to maintain since they’re located under the ground and underwater. They’re more difficult to access, so maintenance can be a bit more complex. However, rest assured that a professional team would be able to handle the maintenance on a submersible sump pump for you.

Disadvantage #3: Expensive

Submersible sump pumps can do a great job, but they do require an investment. Many cost a few hundred dollars, not including the cost of installation. If you don’t experience a lot of flooding, the expense of a submersible sump pump might make you lean towards a more budget-friendly pedestal sump pump, which might cost around one hundred dollars or even less.

Moving Forward

Though they may be more expensive and hard to maintain, submersible sump pumps make a lot of sense in many homes, given their quiet operation, unobtrusiveness, and capabilities. If you need help with any kind of sump pump service at your place in Dayton, OH, call All Drain Plumbing.