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Help- My Floor Drain Is Backed Up

When you discover that a floor drain in your home is overflowing, you instantly begin to worry. What could have found its way into that drain to create such a nasty clog? But what you might not know is that the issue could have nothing to do with a clog in that particular drain pipe.

It’s All Connected

When you have water flooding out of the floor drain in your basement, the clog could be in any of the other drains in your home. But because the basement floor drain is the lowest drain in your home, that is where the flood appears. When wastewater cannot be evacuated from your home, it eventually fills all of the drain pipes and then floods the lowest drain. In homes with no basement floor drain, the flood will appear in the lowest opening, often a ground-level shower or tub.

Sewer Line Clogs And Floor Drain Floods

Many homeowners are unaware that one single sewer line connects all of their home’s drains to the city sewer system. And if there is a clog or damage to that one sewer line, all of the dirty water and human waste cannot flow to the city sewer system. Once all the pipes become filled with raw sewage, they begin to overflow from the lowest opening in your home’s drain system. For most homes, that location is the floor drain in the basement.

What Clogs Drains And Your Home’s Sewer Line

Unfortunately, many homeowners are not very careful about what finds its way down their home’s drains. The kitchen sink drain is for water only, not small pieces of food, veggie peels, and assorted bits of trash. And bathroom sink drains are not meant to handle hair, beard trimmings, and bits of unwanted soap. These items wash or are crammed down the drain only to get stuck in the residue lining the pipe and create a clog.

The Worst Offender

Even worse than what gets washed down your home’s drains are the items that your household tries to flush down the toilet. Toilet drains are designed to handle only two things, human waste, and toilet paper. And other objects are going to create problems and a flood of sewage in your home. Plumbers have reported dragging everything from feminine hygiene products and paper towels to bits of plastic trash and socks out of clogged toilet drains.

Who Is To Blame?

Sadly, everyone in the household is likely to be contributing to drain clogs in one way or another. From oily beauty products to rinsing used cooking oil down the kitchen sink, it all adds up to some nasty clogs. And then there are the items that curious children want to make disappear, like a sibling’s favorite toy or a bad report card. But fortunately, there is a solution.

Professional Drain Cleaning

When you discover a clogged drain or an issue with your home’s sewer line, never take matters into your own hands. Those bottles of chemical drain cleaner do little more than damaging your drain lines and create caustic fumes in your home. The only guaranteed solution for a clogged drain is to call (937) 749-7097. The pros from Buckeye Plumbing & Property Solutions will blast away all of the clogs and scum lining your home’s drain lines using nothing but high-pressure water. There is no potential for melting your drain lines or a nasty fog of chemical fumes lingering in your house. And we are so sure that our process will get the job done right the first time that it comes backed by a guarantee of no more clogs or drain issues.