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5 Reasons You Have a High Water Bill

Taking hot showers during the chilly winter months in Dayton can cost you a lot of money. If you become aware of how you waste water, you’ll have an easier time keeping your water bill low. The following information reveals five factors that affect your water bill.

1. Toilet Is Leaking or Running Continuously

A leaky toilet may be responsible for your high water bills. Over time, debris and dirt accumulate in the toilet’s fill valve. A clogged or misaligned valve will allow excess water to run. Also, a leak from the base of this fixture can increase the water bill. Leakage can occur due to a damaged drain line, a cracked toilet bowl, or an old wax ring.

2. Faucets Steadily Drip

A leaking faucet is more than just a minor annoyance. If ignored, it can increase your monthly water consumption. The slow drips can quickly add up to 10,000 gallons every year. You can expect your water bill to double if there are several leaky faucets in your Dayton home.

3. Dishwashing Machine Is Overworking

Inefficient water use is among the cons of an old dishwasher. During every cycle, your dishwasher uses approximately six gallons of water. If it stops functioning efficiently, you’ll likely have to spend more money on your water bill.

4. The Laundry Machine Overfills with Water

An old clothes washer can waste at least 31 gallons of water every time you use it. If the machine has a faulty inlet valve or a damaged pressure hose, it will cause your water bill to skyrocket. The appliance may keep overfilling until you let a plumber fix the problem.

5. Irrigation Systems Are Malfunctioning or Turning on Too Often

It’s important to make sure you program your irrigation system correctly. If you don’t use the proper settings, the sprinklers will likely cycle on more than they should. Furthermore, worn-out parts can make your irrigation system leak. If the shutoff valve is faulty or dirty, it won’t stop the water flow as it should. A broken sprinkler pipe will wreak havoc on your lawn and water bill.

Your Best Course of Action

Identifying and curbing your water-wasting habits will have a positive impact on your water bill. You’ll achieve better results if you work with our plumbing experts. We’ll quickly pinpoint and resolve the plumbing issues that are plaguing your home in Montgomery County. Taking swift action is necessary when you want to prevent as much water loss as possible. Call Buckeye Plumbing today if you want to make sure nothing is wrong with your water heater or other fixtures.