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Sewer Lines
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Sewer Line Replacement In Eaton, OH

The sewer line for your Eaton, OH home is the only pipe that connects all of the drains in your home to the city sewer system. And when that pipe becomes old and worn-out, all of the dirty water and sewage from your drains and toilets is going to begin to back up into your home. When you see the indications of a failing sewer line, call in the pros from All Drain Plumbing before you are forced to clean up raw sewage and dirty water.

Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Replacing

Having one or two sewer line issues over the years is not unusual. But when you are discovering a new sewage leak in your yard each week, or your drains are always slow to clear, then it is time to be proactive. A call to (937) 884-3540 is the only way to be sure that your sewer line is past its prime, and you need to plan on a sewer line replacement.

Sewer Line Evaluations

At All Drain Plumbing, we take the guesswork out of sewer line replacement. Instead of saying that you might need a new sewer line, we show you why the pipe should be replaced. But rather than digging up your entire yard, we use technology to get you the answers that you need quickly and cost-effectively.

Our pros use small cameras that are inserted into your home’s sewer line to inspect for pipe damage, cracks, and clogs. When we find extensive damage to your sewer line, we will always recommend a sewer line replacement. Not only is this a better investment than repeated repairs, but it also ensures that you will not be facing a sewage backup because of a worn-out sewer line.

The Replacement Process

Fortunately, technology also makes replacing sewer lines as easy as locating the cracks and clogs inside the pipe. Our first choice is always to use a trenchless replacement process that involves inserting a liner into the old sewer pipe. We coat the liner with epoxy resin before placing it inside the existing pipe. Then, when the liner is in place, we insert another device that inflates the liner and helps it adhere to the old pipe. Once the epoxy is dry, you have a brand new sewer line inside the old pipe.

If your home has a concrete or ceramic sewer pipe, then the liner is not a good option. Instead, we use the old pipe as a channel to pull in a brand new sewer pipe. The new flexible sewer line is attached to a cone-shaped tool that bursts the old pipe as it pulls the new pipe into place. Both of these processes are far less destructive and much less expensive than digging up the old sewer line and installing a new one.

When you notice standing water in your tub, shower, or sink or you find that your toilets are not flushing correctly, it could be time to think about a new sewer line. But before you make that kind of investment, it is best to be sure that your current sewer line is at the end of its life. The only way to know the answer to that question is to call in the professionals from All Drain Plumbing.

For years, we have been helping the residents of Eaton, OH make the best choices for their home’s plumbing systems and their budgets. We know that not every household has the flexibility to cover the cost of a sewer line replacement immediately. So we will provide options to work through the current issue affordably, and then plan for the larger project when your budget permits. Our goal is always to find the best solution to meet your sewer line replacement needs and your financial limitations. And with any repair or replacement, we provide a full warranty so that you have the peace of mind that you deserve.